EAM Solutions

Hanco Technologies provides services either directly or through its certified global partner network for an industry-leading product for Enterprise Asset Management (EAM); Invensys Avantis, Invensys Avantis XA

We provide Consulting Services that meet all of your implementation needs. As well, we offer services that fully support and train your staff with a growing number of needs.

Companies are recognizing the benefits of how their businesses can be managed more effectively. Through the identification of effective process methods which focus on increasing their bottom line. An effective internal system must be initiated and invested by management with the focus to improve on return on assets. An integrated system that is well planned to meet all departmental needs to ensure a flawless system will bring its rewards. This will provide solutions to improve on technology, asset allocation, productivity, and performance.

Hanco is an integral part of the team that provides information systems for planning and control that a company needs to be more competitive in the marketplace. We evaluate and gain a solid understanding of your business, then will help you to build information tools structured to meet your business objectives.

We focus on your company's objectives in productivity and performance, maintaining a focus on low total cost of ownership.

Hanco's professional consultants support all phases of your technology investment. With our "hands-on" approach in startup and initial implementation, through to continual support in application management, enhancements and continuous improvement, we deliver Knowledge beyond Technology.

Our experts offer a high level of service involving all departmental requirements. We advise on methods of maximizing your use of resources, returns, superior results, more flexible and adaptable solutions, and lasting value.

We have extensive industry experience and focus on applying it to your company specific needs. Providing a well-structured implementation methodology for quick returns. We recognize that these requirements evolve with your industry. By maintaining a flexible approach and continually striving to meet new and creative challenges, we establish long-term business relationships with all of our Clients. Expect superior service!