ERP Solutions

Process Manufacturers have a variety of different needs in their Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solutions. Because of such diversity in requirements, typically the industry has had the challenge of meeting all it needs in one operational system.

Hanco Technologies supports such ERP solutions such as SSA Global’s Protean ERP and NEC’s FlexProcess ERP either directly or through its certified global partner network. With FlexProcess and Protean you get a suite of totally integrated software components. These applications were designed and built to be flexible. Using object-oriented technology, Protean and FlexProcess will interact with other software applications, adding to its diversity. Hanco plays an important part during your implementation and training process to meet all ERP mandates. We offer several years’ experience and many project implementations that reflect our high level of service.

We understand the complexity of requirements within your industry such as, order management, procurement, inventory control and logistics, production and financials. Hanco Technologies supports all departmental service and training requirements within this application. We provide expert recommendations on short and long-term application goals that are generated from your business plans. Hanco supports all levels of service and training, ensuring that every member of your staff is not only knowledgeable in their defined areas of expertise, but that your ERP solutions’ functionalities are maximized within ever sector of your business.

We provide a range of professional services on the following ERP Solutions:

  • NEC FlexProcess ERP
  • SSA Global Protean ERP
  • SSA Global PRISM AS400
  • PeopleSoft

Hanco Technologies provides all of the associated Professional Services involved in meeting the needs of our IBM AS/400 Clients.

PRISM is a powerful application suite for the process manufacturing industry. It helps today's enterprises to increase operational efficiencies, shortening delivery cycles and bringing new products to market effectively. PRISM integrates plant operations by improving inventory control, measuring performance and streamlining warehouse operations. Our Professional Services Managers have focused their efforts to continue to refine your ROI in these areas. We provide a number of services and products that are compatible with your PRISM AS/400 needs.