Printing Systems

Thermal Direct


  • Quiet
  • High quality label with great scan-ability
  • Inexpensive to maintain
  • Good for short shelf life applications (shipping & receiving labels)


  • Slow
  • Label stock more expensive
  • Sensitive to environmental conditions such as heat and light

Thermal Transfer

  • Clear, high-definition text, graphics, and barcodes great readability and scan-ability
  • Good for long shelf life applications
  • Print on a high variety of media stock

Laser Printers


  • Print high-quality text and graphics on paper documents and can double as a document printer when not being used to print barcodes.
  • Density and resolution are relatively high, allowing the production of scanable barcodes at any wavelength when read with an infrared scanner


  • Not suited for industrial environments
  • Cannot produce chemical or water resistant type labels

Ink-Jet Printer


  • Ink Jet printing is usually used in high production settings where production of barcodes and human readable fonts need to be reproduced at high rates of speed.


  • Requires constant supervision to prevent ink-jet clogging and maintain proper print quality
  • Material use is restricted due to possible bleeding on certain materials
  • Scanning devices must be chosen carefully to ensure proper readability