Barcode Label Materials

Destructible Vinyl

A fragile, white, vinyl film with a very strong adhesive. If attempts are made to remove the label it will break into small pieces, making the removal or transferal of a complete label virtually impossible.

Application: A good choice for security labels where tampering or removal of labels is not allowed.


An inexpensive, gloss white paper with a permanent acrylic adhesive backing.

Application: A good solution for applications which requires a short-term-use label in a clean and dry environment.


A 3 mm thick, white, plastic film with a very strong adhesive backing. Temperature resistant to 75 degrees C or 175 degree F.

Application: A good product for permanent labels being used indoors.


A very durable, 2 mm, thick, white film with a permanent acrylic adhesive. Temperature resistant to 125 degrees C or 270 degrees F. Resistant to a wide variety of petroleum based chemicals and mild solvents.

Application: A good choice for applications that require very long lasting labels.

Metal Polyester

A 2mm, matte silver, polyester film offering high heat and chemical resistance.

Application: This material is an alternative to the standard white labels and offers superior performance and durability.