Avantis Customized Solutions

In order to enhance the various asset management packages in the marketplace, Hanco has developed a range of applications that will add value to existing business systems.

Avantis Reports Suite

We have developed various standard reports for Avantis which are most commonly used when implementing the Avantis product. Custom reports can also be developed to meet any customer specific needs.

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Custom Solutions

Time Card Entry

Main Feature:

Speed of entry, allows user to enter multiple time sheets at once while maintaining proper security by user. Once the user has completed all entries they may post all entries at once. This makes it possible for a single user to post a multitude of entries in any given day. User security is also in place so that a particular user is only allowed to enter time sheets for themselves, second level security for supervisors is also in place.


Tremendous cost savings as a single user can now create many entries in a short period of time.


Main Feature:

Approvals in Avantis are available for PO requisitions, purchase orders, work requests, work oders. The user can approve single PO requisitions or in batch as per security setup. When converting the PO requisitions to Purchase Orders the PO requisitions lines are grouped per vendor.


This electronic approval process helps to expedite the PO requisitions and provides an audit trail for management.


Main Feature:

Currently, in order to assign a resource for future tasks such as meetings, training, vacations is to create a work order. This is not a recommended method. With the scheduler, resources can be scheduled for safety meeting, safety training, vacation and whatever else is needed. When the planner reviews the resource commitments the system will alert them of all time allocations for each particular resource.

Document Distribution

Main Feature:

This automation document solution allows the user to fax, print or e-mail their purchase requisitions, purchase orders and work orders. The user may choose to process documents immediately or at intervals.