Protean ERP Extensible Applications

In order to enhance the various ERP packages such as FlexProcess and Protean in the marketplace, Hanco has developed a range of applications that will add value to existing business systems.

Reports Suite

We have developed various standard reports for FlexProcess and Protean which are most commonly used when implementing either FlexProcess or the Protean product. Custom reports can also be developed to meet any customers specific needs.

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Custom Solutions

Document Distribution

The Challenge:
To create a cost-effective document distribution solution that is compatible with Protean.
The Solution:
Order confirmations, invoices and pick tickets are now able to be distributed, based on the parameters in the Protean database objects.

Documents can be faxed, emailed or printed.

System running and queuing objects to be distributed and sent by choice of either a predetermined or immediate process.

Brokerage fees and Commissions

The Challenge:
A solution that includes the proper calculation and allocation of brokerage fees and commissions from the actual to the shipping quantities.
The Solution:
Once the expected shipment is flagged as complete, the customized application retrieves the information from Protean, calculates commissions on percentages or fixed amounts, and provides the information for further integration into financial packages.

FIFO costing

The Challenge:
To calculate correct FIFO costs for raw materials, based on actual inventory levels of WIP's and FG's.

The Solution:
The system calculates theoretical raw material inventory levels by regressing the actual WIP and FG's inventory levels, based on the Protean production model.