TRAFFIC? Mobile Computing, Bar Code and RFID Solution

TRAFFIC? is a mobile computing, bar code and RFID solution catering to the ERP and Asset Management marketplace. Using RF technology, TRAFFIC? allows for the real-time entry, recording and updating of inventory and non-inventory transactions within an organization. It also allows the user to query the main ERP or EAM system database by providing a set of on-line query tools.

TRAFFIC? is based on a proven architectural design. Flexibility is built into TRAFFIC? which can be deployed as a client-server (2-tier) or n-tier application. Presentation and business logic are separated to enhance scalability and maintainability. Multi-language user interaction is available, RF communication is via industry-standard HTTP and Telnet protocols, and multiple device types are supported. Database-driven security ensures that users see only those parts of the system that they are authorized to.

The TRAFFIC? Solution can be utilized in various markets.

TRAFFIC? Mobile Enterprise Solutions

TRAFFIC wireless enterprise solutions are ideally suited for facilitating immediate collection data. Some typical applications are: inventory control, time sheets, production reporting, work orders, asset tracking, purchasing, shipping and receiving. By replacing manual inventory systems with wireless handheld devices, businesses can take advantage of mobile computing technology. The mobilization and relatively low costs of handheld devices are driving corporations to deploy them in workplaces. The traditional method of manual monthly  inventory counts will be obsolete and replaced with the use of wireless handheld devices. This facilitates warehouse management. Tasks can be accomplished within minutes leading to a more productive workforce. Data is readily available whenever needed.